Happiness (director’s cut)

Sancal, a spanish brand of furniture design, wanted to present their new logo in a short, fresh and funny video. So they trusted us to create, from script to illustration and animation, an advert about happiness, which was launched precisely the day of happiness. That’s our director’s cut.

Agency: Offbeat Estudio
Script, direction and production: Offbeat Estudio
Producer: Pablo Crespo
Art direction and illustration: Checa C.S.
Animation: Pablo Crespo, Checa C.S.
Voice over: Brendan Murphy (Intengua S.L.)
Music and sound design: Aimar Molero
Client: SANCAL

that thing sancal offbeat estudio

sancal-siesta-big offbeat estudio

sancal offbeat estudio ryu

sancal offbeat estudio dancing

parking car offbeat estudio


sancal beach offbeat estudio

sancal company offbeat estudio

sancal train offbeat estudio

sancal rocket offbeat estudio

sancal curling offbeat estudio