¿What is climate neutrality? Explain this concept and how  it works requires a long explainer video with a lot of detailed information. In this second collaboration with European Greens we wanted to convey all that content
in a simple, clear and very visual way, easy to understand to the viewers. But we also wanted to move away from data and figures, from a usual motion graphics video. So we opt for figurative scenes and this carefree and organic art direction, with irregular strokes and animated textures.

Script: European Greens
Direction and production: Offbeat Estudio
Producer: Sonia Ramos (The Mushroom Company)
Storyboard: Checa C.S.
 Art direction and illustrations: Checa C.S.
Animation: Franco Rampoldi, Checa C.S.
Editing and compositing: Pablo Crespo
Voice over: Elaine Wise (Agencia de Locutores Internacionales)
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