On the occasion of World Gynecological Cancer Day, GSK and Hearst Group Spain wanted to convey how difficult it is for many women to return to their normal lives after undergoing cancer treatment. We focused on emotions to quickly connect with viewers and to achieve evocative and poetic images. And we capture with color, animation and sound the evolution of the character from a place full of uncertainties to one much brighter and hopeful.

Script: GSK, Offbeat Estudio
Direction and production: Offbeat Estudio
Executive producer: Pablo Crespo
Art direction: Checunin
Illustration: Checunin, Kseniia Gorshkova
Animatic: Goyo Moreno
2D animation: Goyo Moreno, Franco Rampoldi, Goga
Editing and compositing: Pablo Crespo
Voice over: Susana García
Music and sound designs: Nil Ciuró
Client: GSK, Hearst Spain

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