Slanted Magazine, a german magazine focused on design, illustration, photography and typography asked us to collaborate in its issue #34, a monograph about Europe. In the editors own words, "Slanted Magazine #34—Europe is a plea for a multi-faceted and vibrant Europe, against the backdrop of an Europe of nations, right-wing populism, and selfish politics. It is an inventory of Europe, showing a comment, a perspective, a feeling of illustrators, photographers, writers and graphic designers from all around Europe". We are grateful to have been required to collaborate on the magazine, sharing issue with other great european artists. An we are also quite proud of the illustration we did for this special occasion.
Hate thinks that he creates justice but he does not believe in dialogue.
Hate fears but scares.
He thinks he builds, he does not know he limits us.
Hate marginalizes, but everything belongs to him.
Hate criminalizes, ignores and repudiates.
Hate votes.
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