To show the commitment to sustainability of the world leader in retail, HMY, our colleagues from Mi Querido Watson wanted to join previously filmed footage with animated characters. And they gave us creative freedom to do it through evocative images like these.

Agency: Mi Querido Watson
Script: Mi Querido Watson
Direction: Offbeat Estudio
Production: The Mushroom Company
Executive producer: Guillermina Trejo
Producer: Sonia Ramos
Storyboard: Checa C.S., Pablo Crespo
Illustration: Goga
Animation: Meowsmouse (Mookie Tamara, Karla Circe, Savyna Ian Lalo), Jane Holguin, Goga.
Editing and compositing: Pablo Crespo
Color correction: Checa C.S.
Client: HMY
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