You don’t usually have the opportunity to bring to life a character known throughout the world as Le petit Nicolas, the iconic character created by Goscinny and Sempé more than 60 years ago. So, with the original illustrations as the starting point, we decided to show short and dynamic scenes, with a slightly naive tone and with a suggestive mix of 2D animation for the characters and stop motion for the background elements. We have enjoyed this project as much as Nicolas and his friends!

Script: Offbeat Estudio
Direction: Offbeat Estudio
Production: The Mushroom Company
Executive producer: Guillermina Trejo
Art direction: Checunin
Illustration: Jean-Jacques Sempé (from his original comic strips for Le petit Nicolas)
2D animation: Goyo Moreno
Stop motion animation: Checunin
Editing and compositing: Pablo Crespo
Music and sound design: Nil Ciuró (character’s voices: Mercè Torrens)

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