Pepe Jeans Footwear SS18 collection inspires different artists to create their artworks. If you have a shoe, you can be creative. It's all about inspiration.

Agency: Utopicum
Script: Utopicum
Direction and production: Offbeat Estudio
Storyboard: Checa C.S.
Producer: Pablo Crespo
Production: Pablo Crespo, Anna Peletero
DOP: Octavio Arias
1st camera assitant: Mario Pérez
2st camera assistant: Flora Navarro
Art director: Roberto Frutos
Atrezzo: Anna Peletero
Edition: Checa C.S., Pablo Crespo
2D illustration and animation: Checa C.S.
3D modelling, textures, illumination and animation: Jorge García Escalona, Jaime G. Galipienso
Color grading and postproduction: Checa C.S.
Models: Anna Peletero, Teté García, Roberto Frutos
Voice over: Joe Manjon (Intengua SL)
Music and sound design: Aimar Molero
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